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Capricorn women: Unexpected secrets about personality, love and career

What month are Capricorn women born?

Before learning about the personalities of Capricorn girls, you need to know what month Capricorn was born. Capricorn is the 10th zodiac sign out of 12 zodiac signs and belongs to the Earth group. People of the Capricorn zodiac sign will have a birthday from December 22 to January 19 with the symbol of a cricket with a fish tail.

Some factors that help bring luck to Capricorn people include:

Color: dark colors like brown.

Numbers: 6, 8, 9

Flowers: violets, chrysanthemums, daffodils, gardenias

Stones: amber, quartz, garnet

Personality characteristics of female Capricorn

Below are the typical personality traits of Capricorn girls in life, work and even in love.

Typical personality of female Capricorn

In general, most Capricorn girls are quite quiet, mature, thoughtful and careful in everything. The following are common personality traits of Capricorn girls that you can refer to:

Capable leadership

The qualities and abilities of a talented leader were demonstrated when these girls were young. They always want to achieve high results and have a solid career. Capricorn girls have a strong desire to strive and constantly strive to become a responsible and wise leader.

Capricorn women are also practical, rational people and rarely dream. Before every important decision, this girl always spends a lot of time thinking and considering.

Inward tendency

Capricorn women often tend to spend a lot of time alone. This is a way to help girls have thoughtful and clear thoughts as well as recharge their energy. Based on this personality trait, you can feel secure if Capricorn girls suddenly become silent or separate themselves from the outside world.

The will to fight sustainably

Capricorn women also have conquering personalities and nothing can defeat their determination. Capricorn women never give in to difficulties in life but are always ready to accept them and find ways to overcome them.

These girls always have a steely mentality, maintain independent thinking, act decisively and are self-motivated. In addition, Capricorns are also extremely “tough” girls, never giving up for any reason.

Appreciate family

Besides being a talented leader, the Capricorn woman is also a model of a family woman. Capricorn women are thoughtful, thoughtful people who always know how to give in to their family members. All of the Capricorn woman’s efforts at work come from the desire to help her family have a prosperous and fulfilling life.

Highly possessive

Capricorn girls understand that, in order to achieve the expected results, they must strive, strive and try tirelessly. This thinking has a great impact on the personality of Capricorn women, typically being highly possessive.

Everything that originally belongs to Capricorn will always belong to Capricorn, from material things to emotions. In a relationship, if they no longer feel safe, they will escape and be ready to leave at any time.

Personality characteristics of female Capricorn in love

Besides daily life, the personality of Capricorn girls is also clearly shown through emotional relationships between men and women. If you understand Capricorn’s personality traits in love, it will be easier for you to conquer the person you love. Some main personality traits of Capricorn girls in love are as follows:

Considerate and thoughtful

Capricorn is known as a zodiac sign that has many principles and is very strict. These girls will not let anything affect them. In life, the Capricorn woman often clearly demonstrates her abilities as a person worthy of everyone’s admiration. Capricorn women always complete assigned tasks excellently and do not make decisions without careful or certain research.

Whether in work or love, Capricorn women are also thoughtful people. The girls will not let work and personal life affect each other. With this conscientiousness, Capricorn women always make detailed plans right from the start and carry them out scientifically.

In a marital relationship, the Capricorn woman is always the model of a gentle, thoughtful, and capable woman who always cares for her family members. This girl is also responsible and always gives the best things to the people she loves.

Creates a strong cover

If she has difficulties in a relationship, the Capricorn woman often keeps those problems inside and solves them herself instead of sharing them with her partner. Capricorn women always try to create a strong and unyielding appearance. However, deep inside they are soft, vulnerable girls who need someone by their side to protect them.

On the outside, Capricorn girls seem very tough and strong, but in some cases, these girls also find it very difficult to maintain their composure. They often lose their reason easily with matters related to family or love affairs. Besides, as a traditionalist, the Capricorn woman cannot accept betrayal in love.

Even though they are rational people, once agitated, it will be very difficult for them to control their emotions. At this time, girls can do actions you would not expect. Capricorn woman will absolutely not forgive anyone who has ever hurt her.

Faithful and sincere

In love, Capricorn women are also sincere and loyal. In addition, they also put absolute trust in the people they love. No matter what happens, these girls do not show any remorse. Capricorn women often do not control their partners and often give their men a lot of personal space from other relationships.

Capricorn girls also absolutely do not do actions that make the other person feel awkward. They are tolerant and rational people, so they often decide to clarify everything and find out the reason why their relationship became like that. If the relationship is changing in a bad direction, Capricorn women will be the ones to “save” this relationship.

Trust and respect the other person

Capricorn women are known to always respect and trust their partners. When she is with a guy, the Capricorn girl always ignores everything and feels satisfied with the person she loves.

Capricorn women are also reasonable, intelligent and absolutely do not control or care too much about their partner’s private life. In addition, she always knows how to respect and accept opinions from that person. Capricorn women always try to change themselves, helping the lives of two people become more harmonious and happier.

What kind of personality does a Capricorn woman have at work?

The personality of Capricorn girls in work and career is also something that many people are interested in. Most Capricorn women are girls with big dreams and ambitions. They always know how to overcome all difficult situations, are serious and hardworking with their work. When working, Capricorn women are also quite fastidious and strict. Even with a small mistake, she will ask the staff to correct it to the best of their ability.

Based on research on the careers of the 12 zodiac signs, Capricorn women are best suited for jobs with a lot of pressure such as science, engineering or economics. These girls will know how to express themselves well and successfully complete assigned tasks.

Which zodiac sign is female Capricorn compatible with male?
Capricorn women are compatible with other signs
With such personality traits, which zodiac guy will Capricorn woman be compatible with?

Sagittarius man : Capricorn woman and Sagittarius man are a couple with a lot in common in life. Sagittarius are funny and cheerful guys, so when being with them, Capricorn women will feel joy and have a lot of laughter.

Aquarius men : These are gentle, thoughtful and friendly guys, so when around them, Capricorn women won’t need to feel worried about anything.

Male Virgo : This is a couple with many similar thoughts and opinions. Virgo men are cold, serious and quiet guys. But they appear shy and shy in front of Capricorn girls. When being with Virgo men, Capricorn women will definitely always feel happy and satisfied.