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Capricorn And Its Unmistakable Characteristics

Capricorn – The 10th sign of the Zodiac, belonging to the Earth element, ruled by Saturn. With that influence, Capricorn has unique characteristics that cannot be mixed with any other Zodiac sign. Discover the hidden things inside Capricorn to promote your strengths in life and work!

Capricorn – The 10th sign of the Zodiac, belonging to the Earth element, ruled by Saturn. With that influence,Capricornhas unique characteristics that cannot be mixed with any other Zodiac sign. Let’s explore with Xwatch the hidden things inside Capricorn to promote your strengths in life and work!

1. Overview of information about Capricorn

  • Capricorn ♑, also known as Indonesia, is the tenth astrological sign
  • Symbol: Image of a goat with a fish tail, called a sea goat.
  • Associated element: Earth (with Taurus and Virgo), has a service nature, and is introverted.
  • Destiny star: Saturn (Shan Nong star), the constellation that brings tradition, patience and rational, logical thinking.
  • Governing parts of the body: Skin, teeth, bones, knees.
  • Lucky numbers: 6, 8 and 9.
  • Symbolic flowers: Gardenias, chrysanthemums, violets, daffodils.
  • Matching stones: Garnet, amber, black agate, jade, quartz.
  • Lucky colors: Dark colors, especially mature brown or black, navy blue, yellow.
  • Favorite gift: Gifts that are practical or have many functions.
  • Metals lead.
  • Dating with:Taurus,Virgo.
  • Be friends with:Aries,Libra.
  • Engraved bow:Cancer

2. Greek legend about Capricorn

Have you ever wonderedWhat is the sign of Capricorn?? Capricorn or sea goat (Seagoat) represents the Capricorn zodiac sign and is the image of a powerful male god named Ea of theBabylon. He has the lower half of his body as a fish and the head and body of a goat. At night, the god lives in the ocean but rises every day to guard the land.

But Greek mythology does not talk about sea goats but about Pan – a demigod whose upper half is a human and lower half is a goat. He was the son of the god Hermes and a forest nymph (Nymph). When Pan was born, the goddess screamed in terror and ran away. While Hermes loved his deformed child, he took him to Olympus. From then on Pan became the god of shepherds and livestock, taking on his father’s responsibilities. He did not stay in Olympus but preferred to live in the shade of trees on the mountain. One legend says that when the goat god Pan was attacked by the monster Typhon, he dipped into the Nile River. From then on, the part above the water was still a goat, but the part below the water turned into a fish.

3. Capricorn: Belongs to the introverted, traditional type, requiring discipline in life

Capricorn people live by principles, are careful, disciplined, respect rules and take precautions in relationships. Therefore, in everyone’s eyes, Capricorn is always serious, not humorous, or happy. Capricorn personalityintroverted. Initially when communicating, they will be timid, awkward and lacking confidence. If someone breaks Capricorn’s shy shield, they can become more enthusiastic.

Capricorns are absolutely secretive and discreet, they know what to say and what not to say. If someone asks to keep it a secret, Capricorn will agree and not say a word. They also often keep their goals and plans secret, no matter who tries to peek, they cannot find out any information.

4. Capricorn is practical and ambitious

Capricorn is the type of person who has a combination of dreams, ambitions, enthusiasm and ambition. Capricorn has its own way of survival, which is to work hard. They rarely communicate with people and do not like gatherings and exchanges… Their lives only revolve around material ambitions and fame and fortune.

Capricorn people are never satisfied with their current position. They know who they are, what they need, and what they want, so they always have higher goals and orientations for the future and they strive tirelessly to achieve them.

5. Capricorn is egotistical and extremely possessive

Capricorn has very high possessiveness and self-esteem. Whatever Capricorn holds in their hands is theirs. But if it can’t be kept, Capricorn is ready to throw it away to find something more valuable to replace it and will never pick it up again. If Capricorn says it can be done, if it can be lifted up it can be put down. That’s always true in Capricorn relationships, if the other person wants to end the relationship with them, Capricorn is ready to let the other person go without the slightest hold on them. And remember, once you leave, there will be no chance to come back.

6. Capricorns are born with leadership qualities

The symbolic image for people of the Capricorn constellation is the mountain goat in Greek mythology, it never submits to anyone. The highest peaks of Greece are the home of this animal. Add oneCapricorn zodiac characteristicsis responsible and has its own stance. They have the ability to organize their work scientifically and have great pressure tolerance that not everyone can do.

What’s special about Capricorn?? The admirable thing about a Capricorn leader is that they have real ability, they go through low positions, try with all their abilities before becoming a teacher. The Capricorn boss’s words carry a lot of weight. They are good at controlling others to do what they want by giving them sound advice.

When working with a Capricorn leader, you will often feel a lot of pressure because of their demanding perfectionism. Sometimes, people feel afraid of Capricorn’s cold, serious appearance. But there is one very good thing, which is that Capricorns do not like flattery and distinguish between public and private. Therefore, as long as you are capable and responsible, they will respect you and give clear rewards and punishments even if you are not good at speaking or not skillful in communication. They always put the quality of work first. Capricorn has an excellent eye for talented people. With their reason and logic, Capricorn can see the personalities, strengths, and weaknesses of the people around them in a short time. But that advantage causes a big obstacle for Capricorn. They see through others so much that they can’t trust anyone, and then keep everything to themselves.

7. Capricorn is very good at motivating themselves and getting up after stumbles

When friends encounter problems, they will often go to Capricorn first. Because they trust the mature, sincere advice and encouragement that comes from Capricorn’s older personality. And Capricorn people are also quite good at motivating themselves. They always have an independent spirit and work independently without anyone’s help.

In fact, when they are tired, they really want to give up and lie down, not wanting to lift their limbs out of bed to exercise. But Capricorn’s ambition arose again, not allowing Capricorn to stop for too long. Capricorn’s strict pressure on himself is huge. It’s good, not wrong, but sometimes it becomes a double-edged sword, the sharpest part, Capricorn always points towards himself. This is true not only at work but also in Capricorn’s love relationships.

8. Few people know that Capricorn is very lazy by nature

People often say that Capricorns are serious, rational, independent and workaholics. But actually Capricorn is very lazy by nature. Capricorn says he likes a free life more than anything, but in reality it’s because he’s lazy to love, lazy to find a lover. Capricorn keeps loving one person unrequitedly for many years, it’s because he’s lazy to confess, lazy to change his feelings to enter a new relationship.

Capricorn is lazy to care about others, including themselves. Their intelligence is capable of creating romance and good ideas, but they’re just lazy and don’t want to express it. They are also lazy to take care of their health. Although Capricorns rarely drink or smoke, they do not pay attention to their beauty, often staying up late and eating irregularly. Capricorn is lazy to communicate, not very interested in starting a conversation with strangers. If the discussion or conversation does not benefit them, Capricorn will never waste time participating. They have billions of other things to worry about. That attitude of Capricorn makes many people around them disapprove, so Capricorn also receives little love and praise from others. But that doesn’t make them sad.

9. Capricorn likes to be friends with loneliness

Capricorn people have an introverted personality, they do not like communicating with strangers or crowded places. These people do not like to reveal their thoughts and feelings to the outside, they only help others silently and quietly.

They are used to loneliness, so not talking or not communicating with others will not make Capricorn sad or depressed. Few people can understand Capricorn’s thoughts because people of this sign often hide their thoughts and feelings under a cold shell. Capricorn only really feels comfortable and harmonious when communicating with people of the Earth group (Virgo, Taurus). These two people will likely become lifelong friends.

10. If you want to know how much Capricorn loves, use your mind to feel it

Capricorn is not a zodiac sign that is good at expressing emotions outwardly. Many times, even though Capricorn really wants to express their feelings to the other person, they don’t know how to say it. Partly because of embarrassment, partly because Ket Ta is too serious and doesn’t know how to say sweet words. Even though they care very much about their partner, Capricorns are often judged as heartless by the people they love.

So if you want to know how much a Capricorn loves you, don’t use your ears but use your heart to feel.

11. For Capricorn, family is very important

For Capricorn, family is always the number 1 priority, they live responsibly with their family. Belonging to traditional people, they also value family education. Although they are very loving, they are strict in teaching their children. They often place a lot of expectations for the next generation. They always keep the house clean, tidy and orderly, they do not like living in a noisy, dusty environment. Capricorn is good at making money but limited in spending. They only buy things that are truly necessary for their family, never wasting food or wealth. People who are wasteful and indulgent will not be able to live with Capricorn.

12. Watches are suitable for Capricorn people

With Capricorn, especiallyCapricorn male, a men’s watch is an indispensable accessory. They are quite similar to the personality of Capricorn, not too flamboyant, not showy in appearance but always have a prestige that makes others respect them. Colors suitable for Capricorn include dark colors, especially mature brown or black, blue (blue), yellow. Therefore, choosing a watch for Capricorn is not too difficult.